Sunday, March 29, 2009

So long, farewell

Well, the Sound of Music is over and I have two extremely tired and sad actors on my hands. They loved the group of kids they performed with and are disappointed they don’t have practice to look forward to this week. My little social butterfly Amy loved all the time with other girls and playing with hair and make-up thrilled her. They were pleased with the performances and with the exception of a few minor glitches thought the entire show was a success. Sean and I concur.

Now we need to cram a week’s worth of school in and they have tests to study for and papers to write… they informed me tonight they much preferred acting all last week to school work. Wow – I was just shocked.

So back to the grind. We really haven’t had a normal week since Christmas – between the Secret Garden play and the Sound of Music and all the practices and visits from family to see the shows I don’t think we’ve had but one “normal” school week in three months. And next week is no different because I just heard from Linda, my back-door neighbor in Georgia, that she and the kids are coming for a visit next week! I got an email from her earlier today informing me she’d looked at the weather forecast and it didn’t predict typical spring break weather – highs in the upper 40’s. It was snowing today as I read her email… Any Michigan natives have suggestions on what to do since we obviously won’t be going to the lake?

And in a bit of GM news, Sean was sad to read today that the White House is asking GM’s CEO Rick Wagoner to step down. Word is the company and its bondholders haven’t come to agreement on some issues so the White House thinks new leadership is needed. (Any calls for the union management to change? Of course not.) Sean appreciates Wagoner’s leadership (the private plane fiasco notwithstanding) and thinks losing him now is a huge mistake. As sad as I am to see it come to this all I could think was, “What did they expect?” If you take government money you leave yourself open to be run by the government. I think Proverbs 22:7 fits here: “…the borrower is the slave of the lender.” Are the banks next?

Part of the cast - Amy's on the far left with the white head covering.

Michael as the priest.