Friday, March 27, 2009

One down, two to go

Thursday was opening night for The Sound of Music. A few curtain glitches, a few missed notes from cast and orchestra, but overall a great start. I'm glad we're going back for the final performance to see how things have improved.

Amy was adorable in her nun gear and party guest attaire. Michael looked suave in his tux but what did me in was his priest robes. When I saw him walk out dressed as the Father I cracked up! He looked so glum - he said it was to keep himself from laughing because everyone backstage was laughing.

And by the way, apparently there's a fancy name for what a priest wears because when I joked with the costume lady about Michael's "priest get-up" she frowned and said, "It's a chasuble and it's authentic from my parish." Oops. Pictures are coming on that.

Thanks to Heidi, Traci, Carissa, Stacey and Amie for dragging your kids out on a school night to be there - it meant a lot to Michael and Amy, and to their mom.

Off to bed - early call tomorrow!