Monday, April 20, 2009

And good morning to you...

Nothing like this headline to say, “Good morning!”: GM exec says 1,600 will lose jobs in next few days

This is the first time my heart skipped a beat concerning Sean’s job. Don’t know why… probably because I can’t get him to answer his phone and ask if he got the email the news story references. And probably because with all the other cuts Sean gave me a head’s up; this one came from out of the blue, to me anyway.

Who would have ever thought the mighty GM would be in such dire straits?

As we’ve compared the way the banks have been treated by the government versus the way GM has been Sean and I have joked, “Too bad we didn’t go into banking!” They got handouts; GM got loans. The employees got to keep their bonuses; all GM employees’ pay has been cut. Congress treated them with kid gloves; several Southern senators went for GM’s jugular. I believe crying, “It’s not fair!” is never productive but I certainly feel that today.

Since I began writing this (three hours ago – I had to stop to help Amy with her pre-algebra. I got the answers right! That deserves a post all by itself!) I’ve talked with Sean and he told me the 1,600 who will lose their jobs are at headquarters. This round of cuts shouldn’t touch plant folks, who have already slashed their rosters. But at this point one never knows.

What I do know is today we have a job. And I’m thankful for that today. I’ll let tomorrow take care of itself.