Thursday, April 30, 2009

But this is great news!

GRAMMY ® Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, philanthropist and mother, Amy Grant will release her first new, non-Christmas music in five years with the release of She Colors My Day EP exclusively on iTunes ® the week of May 5 and in partnership with the skin care brand philosophy.

Grant will debut two new songs for Mother's Day: "She Colors My Day", a fun pop-song about a mother's love for her daughter, and the beautiful soul-stirring "Unafraid" which is a tribute to Amy's own mother. Available May 5 with a debut exclusively on iTunes ®, the 4-song EP also includes classic Grant hits "Baby Baby" and "Oh, How The Years Go By". The colorful music video for "She Colors My Day" will have an exclusive debut on May 12.

"I'm so glad to be releasing some new music," says Grant. "I've been working on a lot of new material and two of the new songs seemed to fit perfectly for a special Mother's Day release. ‘Unafraid' is motherhood from every angle -- partner, parent, caregiver - a perspective that every 40-something mom knows all too well. And ‘She Colors My Day' makes me smile thinking of how my own daughters brighten up my life."

Amy Grant and songwriters Cristina Carlino (philosophy founder and creator) & Stuart Mathis are donating all artist and publishing royalties generated by the sale of the song "She Colors My Day" to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Women's' Cancer Research Fund.

She says she's glad she releasing new music - she has no idea how glad I am! At least no one will have to wonder what to give me for Mother's Day. I just hope they don't mind if I buy it for myself a few days early.

(I'm trying to ignore the fact that whoever edited this press release doesn't know the basics of punctuation. Commas and periods go inside the quotation marks. Plus the uneven use of dashes in paragraph three is giving me a bit of heartburn as well. And what's the extra ' doing at the end of Women's? I am a dadgum stay-at-home mom and I can edit better than the yahoo doing this gig. So much for trying to ignore it...)