Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Michael

Today is my oldest's birthday. Fifteen years... I understand he's getting older but I'm not, right? (There is a correct answer, by the way.)

Last year I wrote about how proud I am of him; nothing has changed in that regard. He is a mother’s dream. So this year I dug up a few pictures of his early years and hope this doesn’t embarrass him too badly.

Me and Michael - my 10 lbs 2.6 oz, 21 ¾ inch little bundle of joy

Michael's so thin these days folks don't believe he was a huge baby. Here's some proof. And no, he's not in jail; he was in the hospital in Pontiac, Michigan. When he was six months old we joined Sean on a business trip to Detroit; I'd taken Michael to visit my dear friend Kris when he started wheezing. I called my Mom (of course - still do!). She heard his wheezing on the phone and instructed me to go to the hospital right away. Turns out Michael had RSV - we were in the hospital four days. Even then Michael was a pleasant baby; the nurses named him the Happy Wheezer.

Eight years old, Reading to Rebecca

Ten year old Michael with the fam at Fripp Island

Sean and 14 year old Michael, this Easter

What a run we've had. Fifteen years: most great, some iffy but none I'd wish away. I am blessed.