Thursday, April 02, 2009

How did that happen?

After a week of company the last of our guests left yesterday and this morning I woke with this sole thought: Today we get back in the groove! Weeks of sketchy school schedules to accommodate play practice – no more! Today we will read and write and multiply/divide/add/subtract. We will chat about current events and bake muffins and enjoy lunch together. Today we begin homeschooling again!

I believe those are called, “the best laid plans” and we all know where they end up.

As I type no one is home because when Michael’s math tutor came her kids invited my kids over to play this afternoon. I was completely caught off-guard and hemmed and hawed as shiny pre-teen/teen faces peered up (and down) at me as I tried to say no.

I guess I can try again tomorrow.