Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who knew?

Mere moments after I published my post about Amy Grant's new EP not being on iTunes yet - poof! There it is! And major bonus: you don't have to buy the entire EP to get the new songs! So I didn't have to get "Baby Baby" again. Who knew the power of my little spot on the internet?*

I'm currently listening to "Unafraid," the tribute to her mom. It's a good one.

Michael has a paper due tomorrow and I was helping him edit it while looking for the EP on iTunes (I didn't say I was helping him well, I just said I was helping). Michael feared my frustration over not finding the new songs would translate into lots of red marks on his paper. Needless to say he is relieved to be listening to the new music as well.

Now if someone on her website crew would just remember what day it is...

*I'm aware my blog had nothing to do with this but it's more fun to think it did than to think I was simply impatient. Again, denial's working for me. Don't spoil my coping mechanism.