Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It is May 5, correct?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but today is May 5. It's a Tuesday, which is when new albums are released. And Tuesday, May 5 was the release date given by Amy Grant's fabulously talented PR people for her new EP, She Colors My Day. Amy Grant's website also announces a big, bad redesigned site to coincide with the EP's release on May 5.

So why am I not seeing the EP on iTunes? And why does her website look exactly the same today as it did yesterday?

People, come on. It's 10:02 am. Pretty sure you've had enough time to get the computer's fired up this morning. Heck, she hasn't had any new non-Christmas music released in five years. Isn't five years enough time to have prepared for this? And for crying out loud, it's only two new songs, and you're re-releasing "Baby Baby?" Please.

Under-promise and over-deliver is Sean's motto. Wish he ran the show over at Friends of Amy.

(Just so we're clear, my discontent is with her management. Surely she has nothing to do with this... denial works for me. Don't spoil it with facts.)