Monday, July 06, 2009

Shh... Do you hear that?

I don’t hear a thing, and it’s not just because I ruined my hearing listening to my Walkman headphones too loud. It’s because I’m the only one here. Sean’s at work. Michael and Amy are on the east coast with the youth group on a mission trip. Rebecca’s visiting the grands.

I. Am. Home. Alone. (I’ll pause as that sinks in.)

Woo hoo!

I mentioned my alone status to someone who looked absolutely horrified that I was so thrilled to have some time off. “You mean you don’t miss your children?”

Um, no.

The kids are having a great time. Rebecca got to Atlanta on Thursday and spent the entire weekend with Sean’s parents. They took her to a puppet show, a huge 4th of July picnic and she got to ride in Grandpa’s Corvette in a parade. She is doing just dandy.

Michael and Amy left Sunday morning with the church youth group – two vans of kids and adults driving 12 hours; Amy called me last night when they arrived. She said the drive was great and they were currently figuring out how to arrange the air mattresses on the floor. I also talked to Michael, who echoed Amy’s report about the drive over. Both sounded pleased as punch to be there.

How could I deprive them of such wonderful experiences? It is, indeed, a sacrifice, but one I’m willing to make. I think the sacrifice comes easier to me; Sean mentioned several times yesterday afternoon how silent it was in the house. Yes, dear. That’s called peace and quiet. Ah.

Sean’s planned a few things for us to do and already has reservations for dinner two nights this week; I am not cooking. I am going horseback riding; my girls aren’t here for their lesson so I’m going instead! I’m also planning to read, and by read I mean I will finish an entire sentence before being interrupted by someone asking for food or drink which in all likelihood I would have to play a part in preparing.

You know those ads for Corona beer, where someone’s sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing except sitting and watching the waves? That’s how I envision my week, just without the beer, sand, salt water and potential shark incidents. So actually nothing like that but you get the picture.

Couple One: My normal life. Couple Two: My life this week (and don't we have lovely tans?). Did I say woo hoo already?

I hope your week has some bright spots ahead, too.