Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why, Ronald? Why?!

All summer McDonald’s sold their Coke products for a buck. One dollar bought any size Coke – Sprite, diet Coke, Minute Maid, Fruit Punch – you get the idea. I quite enjoyed this little summer gift Ronald McDonald lavished upon me and my wallet.

But Tuesday, as I was at the all too familiar drive-thru, waiting to give my $1.06 to the friendly lady with the brightest pink colored nails I’ve ever seen, I heard the voice from behind the screen say, “That will be $1.62, first window please.”

Wait just a dadgum minute. What happened to my special summer drink price? A dollar and sixty two cents? For a drink?

“That price was only through Labor Day. Which was yesterday. A dollar sixty two, drive around, please.”

A tear slid down my cheek. Okay, not really but I could have cried because I cannot fathom paying $1.62 for a drink when I could get a two liter at that price.

At $1.06 I could rationalize the purchase: It’s only once a day (except when it’s twice). It’s just a dollar and a few pennies. At that price I can be the fun mom and get drinks for the kids, too. But the extra $.56 just hurts a little too much. That’s an extra $1.68 a day, another 2 liter.

Oh, Ronald, you changed! You made me love you and your little drive-thru with the perky lady with pink daggers for nails. I loved it all, especially my $1.06 diet Coke, cold and fizzy, handed to me as I sat on the throne of my mobile transportation unit shuttling people here and there. One sip of that liquid gold and for a brief but beautiful moment I was taken away to diet Coke heaven.

But no more!

As I drove away from McDonald’s I noticed the Speedway across the street advertised its drinks on big banners all over the station. And the price was less than McDonald’s summer special. Significantly less. The convenience of the drive-thru is gone but for $1.13 savings I think I can manage to actually walk into the store for my liquid fix.

So long, Ronald.

Until next summer.

My empty drink carrier. So, so sad.