Thursday, December 03, 2009

Don't use the "S" word!

I heard the weatherman use the “S” word yesterday. He was forecasting snow for today and Friday and, I suppose, the next five months. Which is unfortunate because I do not enjoy snow. Not on Thursday or Friday or every other Tuesday; I do not like snow. And for the last four winters I’ve been in denial, thinking it wouldn’t come or, when it did, it wouldn’t last.

Here are a few of the conversations I’ve been having with myself over the past several years:

“Oh, winter can’t last too long.” Yes, it can and it does. Snow in April? Check.

“It can’t be that cold.” Um, yes it is. For a pickin’ long time (see above).

“I don’t want to spend all that money on warm clothes. Surely the fleece that I wore as a winter coat in Atlanta will suffice.” You mean that fleece that you now wear around the house from October through May? No, it won’t do. Open that pocketbook and spill some coin on warm clothes.

Not sure how it happened, but something in my brain clicked last week; I realized we’re heading into our fifth Michigan winter and will experience a sixth and seventh and eighth, since we are, apparently, staying in Michigan indefinitely. And since that is the case, I have to buy some warm clothes.

Lest you deem me an unfit mother, please know I bought warm things for the children. They have snow pants and jackets and sweatshirts and sweaters and boots. My denial wasn’t going to keep them warm. And, quite honestly, it wasn’t keeping me very warm either. So I ordered another sweater (when we moved here I owned two – I’m now up to six, but one is sleeveless so it probably doesn’t count) and a pair of boots. I have a pair of ankle boots but I’m tired of cussing each time snow gets in them – if enough snow falls that it could potentially get in the new boots I’ll just stay home.

The real struggle I have with dressing for Michigan’s weather is I don’t like to layer long sleeves over long sleeves. I’ve always worn sweaters or jackets over short sleeve shirts because there’s no bunchy factor. The thought of having a long sleeve shirt under a sweater under a coat give me the shakes – it’s just too much. However, after being cold for the last four winters I’ve realized I have to attempt to change my attitude about layering. So yesterday I wore a zip-up sweater over a long-sleeve oxford. I had to fight the urge to shiver and shake and pull on the shirt sleeves in an effort to feel “unbunched,” (please tell me you know what I’m talking about) but all day I wore them. And, surprise, surprise, I was toasty and, for the most part, comfy.

Such personal growth...

I feel like this winter I may, actually, stay warm. Well, inside the house, anyway.