Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Buckle Up!

I have several friends whose husbands travel for business. One goes to California, another to Rome, another to Germany. When my husband travels for business he goes to Detroit or Flint. Not exactly a perk.

However, working for GM does offer one major benefit for a car enthusiast like Sean: being around new cars all day, every day, smelling that new car smell. And sometimes those new cars end up in our driveway, if only for one night. That’s what happened a few weeks ago.

Sean’s boss is driving a brand new CTS-V, a four-door Cadillac that is not only gorgeous but is get-up-and-go fast. It's the fastest production V8 sedan ever. The speedometer goes to 200 MPH and there’s a G force monitor that actually registers on curves and turns. And it is fast. Really, really fast. (Did I mention it’s fast?) And Sean's boss loaned it to Sean for a night.

To say Sean was thrilled is an understatement. But Sean wasn’t the only happy camper; Michael was beyond thrilled. He and Rebecca sat in the parked car for almost an hour just trying out all the gadgets and pushing all the buttons. And when he and Sean took it out for a spin let me just say they came home looking as happy as hogs in slop.

His business trip locations leave a lot to be desired. But if Sean had to chose between an exotic destination for a business trip and the opportunity to drive a sweet car every once in a while, I’m fairly certain I know which he’d pick.

All buckled up and ready to go!