Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hope we don't break a leg

Two months ago Molly and Jeff asked us to go to Colorado with them the week before Christmas. I laughed. “There is no way we can make that happen,” said I. Sean will never be able to get the time off and who’s going to watch the kids and it’s the week before Christmas! The practical side of me was screaming, "You cannot do this!"

The impractical side of me, however, was dying to go. Skiing in Colorado is a dream! Plus, hanging out with Molly and Jeff for three days would be a blast. How could we not go?

I don’t know what came over us, but the horribly practical Christy and Sean decided to say yes and go. And everything fell into place: Sean got the time off, my wonderful in-laws flew up to watch the kids and I finished my Christmas shopping. And we are in Colorado. I can hardly believe it.

(Hi to my Colorado friends Rachel and Ruth!)

When we got married Sean wanted to go to the beach for our honeymoon; I wanted to go snow skiing. I had (mostly) fond memories of skiing in Colorado and Utah with my family and I wanted to share that with Sean. But he’s a committed beach bum and doesn’t think a vacation is a vacation without sea and sand. That thought turns my stomach (difference #52). I hate being sandy and there are sharks in that there sea… But being a young girl in love I said, “Of course we’ll go to the beach!” And Sean promised our next vacation would be on the slopes.

But life got in the way. We had babies and we got busy and going to Colorado isn’t an easy venture. We never made it. Until now.

I believe the correct phrase is, “Better late than never.”

We got in Monday afternoon and enjoyed looking around the resort. But today we’re heading out for our first day of skiing. We’re all taking a beginner lesson. Molly and Jeff have skied before but not much; Sean has skied once. And I need a refresher course because it’s been 19 years since I strapped on a set of skis.

Sean may hate skiing. It may not be the joy I remember it to be, either. Heck, even if all we do is drink hot chocolate in the ski lodge and enjoy the company of dear friends it will be a successful trip.

Actually, I’ll consider the trip a massive success if we don’t break anything.

We're going for the "expert skier" look but I'm afraid it's more of a "bank robber" vibe...