Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'll take one snowblower pill, please

When we were looking for houses in Michigan our realtor showed us a home with a heated driveway. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of!” I cried. “I’m not paying a premium for that!”

Oh, if only I could go back and buy that house…

Today I’m later with a post than I wanted to be because I’ve been shoveling the driveway. Yes, we’re back in Michigan and a driveway full of snow was our greeting as we pulled in at 10:57 last night.

This morning Sean said he’d shovel before he left for work. I was reading a book (a novel! Not something for anyone’s lessons – a book for fun!) but after a few minutes I couldn’t enjoy it anymore because I realized the shoveling was taking longer than Sean expected and he was going to be late. So I put on my hat, gloves and boots and went to help. My husband, ever the optimist, said, “You’re supposed to be reading your book. You’re on vacation! But you look so cute with your hat on!”

I quickly clarified the situation. “I am not on vacation. What about shoveling the driveway says ‘vacation’ to you? I have this hat on because it’s cold and I want to help you so you won’t be late. The only time this hat should signify vacation is if there are skis strapped to my feet.”

He smiled, kissed my cheek, thanked me for helping, and we went about our shoveling.

I was still concerned he was going to be late but he assured me, “It’s okay. I’m my own boss today.”

“Then fire yourself and get a two year severance package with a relocation plan.”

He just laughed, got in the truck and drove off.

This is our fifth winter here. I am sick of shoveling. I am so buying a snow blower today. I’m going to bill it to our health savings account under the mental health category. Because it will help my outlook on life in Michigan’s winter more than any pill ever could.