Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Glad there was a bathroom nearby

Bowling went well yesterday. And for me to say that is quite remarkable because I am not a good bowler. On the Wii I generally score over 200. Funny thing is that doesn’t translate to real, actual bowling with the fancy shoes and heavy ball. But today I scored over 100 with an amazing final frame.

My twin sister, Heather, her husband, David, Sean and I were on one lane; the kids were on another. Heather and I were neck-and-neck through the entire game. We both had a few strikes and spares, but she was a few points ahead of me the whole game. We got down to the 10th frame and Heather bowled a strike, which meant she got to bowl twice more. She threw another strike! We were going crazy laughing and cheering, amazed she threw two in a row. But at that point I thought, “Well, there goes the game. I’ll never be able to throw two strikes.”

Never say never.

I rolled the 11 pounder down the center of the lane and what do you know? I got a strike. I couldn’t believe it! Then I threw another and really couldn’t believe that one! I jumped up and down while David and Sean clapped for me. Heather and I were laughing hysterically, and for two girls who’ve had incontinence issues since the births of their children, that was a scary proposition. We desperately attempted to get control of ourselves just long enough to cross our legs and stop laughing.

I had another turn as a result of my second strike; that one wasn’t so hot. I think I knocked down seven pins, not enough to beat Heather. She won and with her showing in the end I was not at all upset to lose to her. She was, of course, glad to beat me but was most pleased to best her husband, who came on strong in the last few frames and threatened to overtake both of us. Sean made a decent showing, too, but was unable to overcome the dynamic duo that was his wife and sister-in-law.

Of course, Sean and David could both claim to be the ultimate winners since they didn’t nearly wet their pants during the end-of-game celebrations. Obviously, though, Heather and I were the true winners because we had the highest scores despite our slight but moderately debilitating bladder issues. So we’re definitely the champions. Especially since we had to endure taunts from our husbands afterwards.