Sunday, January 24, 2010

So far, so good

We’re three weeks into the new year – how are those new year’s resolutions treating you? I am happy to report my resolutions are going swimmingly! I can say this because I did not resolve to lose weight or exercise. I've made those resolutions too many times before, only to completely abandon them by January 4, so this year I made ones I thought I could actually keep. And I am!

Resolution #1: Read more. Somewhere around homeschool year four I lost that reading feeling. Too many school books were taking my time and I just completely forgot how it felt to immerse myself in a good book. Not anymore! I’ve read two books so far, My Life in Paris and Super Freakonomics, and I highly recommend them both. The new Jon Krakauer work, Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman is up next.

Resolution #2: Accessorize more. “If you don’t lose the weight, at least make it sparkly,” is my new motto. When we were home for Christmas my Mom introduced me to a fabulous new store, Charming Charlie. They sell the most amazing necklaces, rings, bracelets, bags, shoes… if it’s an accessory, Charming Charlie sells it. And they have a ton of stuff to choose from and (best of all) it’s reasonably priced! I got three rings, a necklace and three pairs of earrings. I love adding a little sparkle to my cold winter world.

But actually, it’s not so cold, at least not by Michigan standards. We had rain and temperatures in the high 30’s yesterday which washed away most of the snow. I am very, very pleased to see green grass again. My third resolution, buying a snow blower, has been the best purchase of the new year. Apparently now that I’m fully prepared for Michigan’s winter I don’t need to be.

(I do NOT want any comments saying the snow will come back. I know it will. Just let me enjoy my little bit of denial. At least until Wednesday when flurries are in the forecast…)

My favorite new ring - it's a lot more fetching without the band aid, but still so fun!