Monday, January 18, 2010

So what'd you do for six hours yesterday?

It was quite the birthday. Sean had an omelet for breakfast then spent six hours at the Detroit auto show with Rebecca and Michael. Amy and I joined them for the last hour or so, which gave us a good sense of the show but didn't drive us nuts. Definitely a good plan we'll employ next year.

Michael and Sean are already looking forward to next January. For Michael the letdown from the auto show being over is almost worse than the few days after Christmas. He is a true car lover. And, as Sean’s Dad always says, it’s cars or women, and right now I’m definitely fine with Michael choosing cars. Sean, too, for that matter.

Here are a few shots from the day:

Rebecca, Michael and Amy in front of a new Honda CRZ.

In front of the Ferrari California , one of my Dad's favorites.

These models were standing by the Fiats. Rebecca was very upset because she couldn't get a picture of the cars without the girls trying to get in the shot. I was very upset because someone should have told those girls that it is perfectly okay to go up a size.

The best we could do...

Michael by the new GMC Granite. Notice the suicide doors. Pretty snazzy.

Michael and his dream car, a Corvette ZR 1 .

Rebecca and a new Chevy Aveo RS.

My happy car show family at the Chevy display.