Monday, February 08, 2010

Go Saints! (Sorry, Colts)

I’m not much of a football fan, but I do enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Okay, that’s not really true – I enjoy being with the people who are watching the Super Bowl. That was certainly the case last night.

Our family watched with Rebecca and Mike, friends we made at church. They’re both from the South and to have that in common is beyond description fabulous. When we stepped into their family room I thought we were in a Southern Living featured home. Everything was decorated beautifully. Rebecca laid out quite a spread: bar-b-que, corn bread casserole, a coleslaw salad just like my mom makes, a wonderful s’more-like brownie concoction – it was delicious.

I was rooting for New Orleans on behalf of my NOLA cousins. I was pleased to see them win because I love an underdog. Of course, that changes when I start to feel badly for the loser… I’m not a very good sports person, I suppose. Well, unless my child is playing. Then I don’t care one lick about how the other team feels; I want my kid to crush them. (I am aware there could be something wrong with that sentiment.)

We had to leave around the third quarter – it was a school/work night, after all. I’m sure my children wish they went to school in New Orleans today, though, seeing as school was cancelled so everyone could celebrate. Now that is seriously wrong, people. Yes, I’m happy for the Saints but it is only a football game. That’s not exactly setting those kids up for reality. Pretty sure WORK wasn’t cancelled…

Anyway, a good time was had by all and now it’s back to reality. And Michael and I will have to wait six months for our weekly date on Mondays at 10 pm for the Fastest Three Minutes in Sports.

Cookbooks in Rebecca's kitchen. Love the Fannie Flagg one!