Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving right along

The test drive went well. We all went to see the car; it was like all the other times we’ve gone to car shows together. Except this one was a one-car show. My kind of show.

The current owner loves the car. He is not interested in selling his little two seater; his very pregnant wife, however, wants the car gone yesterday.

Sean and Michael poured over the Fiero. The owner had a file folder full of receipts documenting all the service he’s had done on the car. He only wants to sell it to someone who will love it like he does; he told one guy he wouldn’t sell it to him because the potential purchaser said he only wanted to run around town in it. I wanted to ask why, exactly, that was bad but I held my tongue. I felt like we needed reference letters to convince him Michael would care for the car.

But when Michael sat in it and his face lit up like a Christmas tree, the need to convince the guy of Michael’s intentions went out the window.

We’re going to take it to a mechanic to have him give it a once over. If everything checks out, I think we’ve found Michael’s first car.

Now someone needs to get a job…