Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For your reading enjoyment

I don’t like to go more than two days without posting, but I haven’t written anything worth posting. I have a few things started here and there, but nothing I could use yet.  Other bloggers aren't having that problem, so allow me to direct you to a few great blogs I’ve read recently:

A college professor at Spring Arbor University, Wally Metts, publishes the daysman. It is well worth your time, especially this post on the recent loss of a member of their church.  He was one of my professors when I went to Spring Arbor - he was an excellent teacher and good friend.

My pastor, Kevin DeYoung, publishes daily.  A post I appreciated recently focuses on one of the young women from our church who's been serving in the Philippines.

Kim and I met in college.  I was the traditional just-out-of-high-school student; Kim was married with two kids.  If I hadn't been so sure I knew everything then I could have learned a lot from her.  I'm doing that now by reading her blog which chronicles their empty-nester years as missionaries in Argentina.

A friend from church, Ted Kluck, is a bona fide writer, published and all.  He discusses some of his writing projects and other endeavors on his blog.  He's also just published a book retelling the adoptions of his sons from Ukraine, Hello, I Love You.  I read it in one day - just couldn't put it down.  I'm looking forward to posting an interview with Ted when I can come up with enough clever questions.

I don't know who Ryan Phelps is or how I stumbled across his blog, but I enjoy his very diverse entries.  For instance, he has a clip of John Piper following a clip of a bear twirling a stick with Kung Fu Fighting playing in the background.

As for me, I'll be trying to come up with something!