Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For your reading enjoyment

I don’t like to go more than two days without posting, but I haven’t written anything worth posting. I have a few things started here and there, but nothing I could use yet.  Other bloggers aren't having that problem, so allow me to direct you to a few great blogs I’ve read recently:

A college professor at Spring Arbor University, Wally Metts, publishes the daysman. It is well worth your time, especially this post on the recent loss of a member of their church.  He was one of my professors when I went to Spring Arbor - he was an excellent teacher and good friend.

My pastor, Kevin DeYoung, publishes daily.  A post I appreciated recently focuses on one of the young women from our church who's been serving in the Philippines.

Kim and I met in college.  I was the traditional just-out-of-high-school student; Kim was married with two kids.  If I hadn't been so sure I knew everything then I could have learned a lot from her.  I'm doing that now by reading her blog which chronicles their empty-nester years as missionaries in Argentina.

A friend from church, Ted Kluck, is a bona fide writer, published and all.  He discusses some of his writing projects and other endeavors on his blog.  He's also just published a book retelling the adoptions of his sons from Ukraine, Hello, I Love You.  I read it in one day - just couldn't put it down.  I'm looking forward to posting an interview with Ted when I can come up with enough clever questions.

I don't know who Ryan Phelps is or how I stumbled across his blog, but I enjoy his very diverse entries.  For instance, he has a clip of John Piper following a clip of a bear twirling a stick with Kung Fu Fighting playing in the background.

As for me, I'll be trying to come up with something!


  1. Mrs. Duffy, did you go to SAU? I saw on thedaysman you were a former student of Wally Metts, so I was just wondering :)

  2. Thanks for passing on the info! Can't wait to read what you've been up to. Stop by my blog today because I need your runner's opinion.

  3. Stephanie - I did. I graduated with a degree in Communication and Dr Metts was a wonderful professor. (I also added a few sentences to that effect in my post.)

    MHWT - I certainly wouldn't consider myself a runner but I'm never shy about giving my opinion! I'll be right over!

  4. Wowwww. I totally read this entire thing and did not catch the sentence that said "I went to Spring Arbor." Apparently my comprehension needs some work. ;) That's so cool. Spring Arbor is my number 1 school right now, and I definitely might be going there.

  5. No, Stephanie, you didn't read it wrong - I added that after your comment. I meant to have it in there but completely forgot. Worry not; your comprehension is excellent! :-)

  6. Ohhhh okay. :) That makes a lot more sense now. Hope you are having a fun GNO with my mother ;)

  7. Do you buy Ted's book? Any way I could borrow it sometime? Looks really interesting

  8. Katie, I did buy Ted's book and you can certainly borrow it. But I'm going to be giving a copy away next week, so stay tuned!

  9. Thanks for the "plug" :-) I haven't felt much like blogging the past month but came back from this retreat refreshed and ready to write again! We took almost our entire fledgling church to the house in Sta. Rosa for five days. Not everyone could go but we had a total of 21! It was such a blessing to hear the kids share/pray/laugh/sing... I could write two weeks worth of posts just about the retreat!


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