Thursday, June 10, 2010

Backpacking vs. Camping

I get to use my fun picture again! And so soon…

Yesterday the good Chef commented that backpacking is not the same as camping. His exact words were, “Camping is lame. Backpacking, however, is not camping and is totally cool (yes, this statement is based on a coherent and consistent philosophy). In fact, we are going backpacking later this month. Care to join us?”

(I am afraid to ask him to explain his, "coherent and consistent philosophy," although I am more than willing to post his "philosophy" should he really have one.)

Doesn't matter what he says, though, because what the Chef probably does not know is that his dear wife emailed me earlier this week, telling me about a certain purchase she had to make in order to go on this “backpacking” trip. Behold, the Freshette:

Dear Chef, if backpacking requires a, “feminine urinary director” then count me out.