Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Reunion Friday

A good time was had by all at the family reunion.  We visited, swam, talked, sang karaoke by firelight - it was a wonderful visit.  I, unfortunately, came back with a serious sunburn on the tops of my legs.  I remembered to put sunscreen everywhere except the between my hip and knee.  Ouch is about all I can say right now...

In honor of the fun memories, here's a set of water bloopers.  Several of the tubing ones could have been us:

This video is a helpful little primer on how to tell who's a first, second and third cousin.  But the bottom line is we're all related:

There's one in every family:

epic fail pictures
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(I'd actually call that a "Win" for the mom and dad.  Major on the majors, people!)

We're off to Kenya tomorrow (no funny business, folks - we have a house sitter).  I don't know how often I'll have internet access but please know I'll check in when I can.  I'm lining up some best of's so I don't leave you completely high and dry, and, more importantly, so you don't forget about me!

Have a wonderful weekend and an excellent next two weeks!