Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still going well

I got an email from the kids' co-op, telling me I needed to send in another form so I had to rush out to McDonald's and email it right away.  I've never been so happy I forgot to do something right ever.  I missed my diet Coke fix.  I have some cans but there's nothing like cold diet Coke from the fountain.  (I am aware I may need an intervention...)

The family reunion is going smashingly.  I really feel so sorry for people with bad in-law situations.  Sean's family is wonderful.  His mom and her two sisters are hysterical together - yesterday they treated us to their rendition of "Sisters" from White Christmas (which I knew thanks to Carissa who talked me into seeing the musical last December).  We're on day three and so far everyone's getting along.

Today's a little overcast with temperatures in the low 70's - my kind of weather.  Perfect for boating and fishing. Not great for the pool, but Michael's compensated for that by taking everyone for rides in the Fiero.  Oh yes, he drove it down here.  He couldn't wait to show Sean's dad.  And they've spent a good bit of time driving it and looking at the engine and talking cars.

So I'm off to visit more, hear more stories about Sean as a kid and enjoy watching Amy take the cousins for rides in a canoe.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Amy taking the cousins for a ride
Carol and my mother-in-law Mary Ann
Cousin Ben and Michael