Monday, August 16, 2010

Camping, Safari Style

If you’ve read my blog for more than, oh, a day, you know I don’t enjoy camping. Just last week I mocked my friends from church for going camping. I’ve made more than my fair share of, “Camping is no fun,” comments. But I’m feeling a bit like a fraud because the truth of the matter is we camped when we were in Kenya. And (hold on to your hats) I liked it.

So in the spirit of total honesty, I’m going to share some pictures of our campsite:

This is the inside of our tent.  Notice the wood floors and beds.

Another shot of the inside.

But the actual highlight of the tent:

The bathroom!  Here's Rebecca, peering out from the area with the sinks.

Notice more wood flooring and tile and sinks with running water.

The true highlight for me - a toilet that flushed!  (We'd been in Kenya for two weeks at this point and were grateful for toilets at all, much less ones that flushed.  It was a real treat.)

And what's that right behind our tent?  Why, it's a solar-powered water heater!  

We had hot water for our showers!  After two weeks of freezing cold showers (when we had water at all) this felt like a true luxury.

Here's Sean on the porch of our tent, enjoying a bit of the evening air before dinner:

And speaking of dinner, here's a shot of me with Shannon and Angela at dinner:

We showed up and the food was already prepared.  Definitely my kind of camping.

And when we returned from dinner we found this:

Our beds had been turned down, and Rebecca's bunny and Bear of Joy had been placed on her pillow.  

Now I feel I have been totally honest: I have recently been camping.  And if you want me to go again, make it like this and I'll sign up in a heartbeat.