Monday, August 02, 2010

What a time!

It’s 5:30 in the morning but my body thinks it’s 12:30 in the afternoon, so I’m up. I helped get Sean breakfast (he may send me to Kenya more often if the result is I’m up with him in the morning) and now I’m sitting here pondering what to say about a two-week trip that included a reunion with dear friends, ministry at a Muslim school, a trip to Kiserian, where I spent my 17th summer, a two-day safari… words fail me at the moment. Not a good thing for a writer, but true just the same. Good thing I took pictures!

Our first stop was Garissa, a five hour bus ride from Nairobi, where we worked at a Muslin-run school. The team that lives in Garissa full-time is seeking to build a relationship with the school headmaster and teachers. When Jason, the on-site leader, called the headmaster to see if there was anything we could do to help, she said government workers had been by that week and told her if improvements weren’t made she’d have to close the school. What fabulous Providence! So we built tables, bookshelves and bulletin boards, in addition to completing some minor repair work.

Rebecca and Cailin Germo stacking the cut wood for the bulletin boards.

Michael using the power saw - how cool to see him work alongside my former leader, Sharon Sparlin!

Amy organizing and playing Cat, Cat, Dog (same as Duck, Duck, Goose) with Rebecca and the school girls.

Michael using the table saw.

Rebecca finishing one of the tables with a power sander.

Stop #2: Kiserian, where our team built a dormitory 23 years ago.  It is still standing and is definitely being used.  If I remember correctly, it currently sleeps 36 students who would not be able to attend school without the housing.  It was completely overwhelming to be back.  Yes, I cried.  Could not help it.  

Most of this year's team, with students who live in the dormitory the 1987 team built.

There it is!  Still looking good.
Stop #3: Maasai Mara Game Park, where we wrapped up our trip with a two-day safari.  Of the Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, rhino) we saw four.  No rhino for us, but the other four were simply amazing.

Lions eating a wildebeest.

Elephants cooling off.

As I sort through my notes and thoughts I know I'll have more to add.  I have several amazing stories to tell of God's provision and one pretty great one about camping and using the facilities in the wide open spaces of the game park (let's just say I wished I'd had that blasted Freshette).  But for now, I'm feeling a mid-afternoon nap coming on.  It is 7 am, after all.