Thursday, September 02, 2010

Random Thoughts

School starts next Tuesday. I am not ready. Well, technically, I am, but mentally, not so much.

There were a lot of commas in the previous sentence.

Michael is taking Pre-Calc. I get a little sick just thinking about that. No, I am not teaching him Pre-Calc. I have hired a lovely tutor who actually enjoys math. She went to college with Sean, who also loves math. I am trying not to hold that against either of them.

Amy will be taking Algebra II. Hello, math tutor.

Rebecca will be in fifth grade. I didn’t hire the math tutor for her, but after reviewing elapsed time with her this week I’m reconsidering the wisdom of that decision.

This year, my sister started homeschooling her daughter. So far, so good. But I give her two months until I get the phone call, “Why did you suggest this?!”

I just made that comment to Sean last night and we haven’t even officially started, so two months might be optimistic.

One of the co-ops we’re attending this year has a mandatory meeting at 7:45 am next Tuesday morning. We’ve attended this co-op for four years, and I’ve dutifully attended their “mandatory” meetings each year. And each year I’ve left thinking, “There’s an hour of my life I won’t get back.” This year, I’m not going.

Even though I just typed my determination not to go I’m having second thoughts.

No – I refuse to have my time wasted.

But it says, “Mandatory.”

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for this crisis of conscience.

All three kids will be participating in a musical this year. Michael and Amy are in Brigadoon; Rebecca’s in Aristocats. Rebecca will be the mouse Roquefort, which I think is hysterical. She’ll be a perfect little mouse.

I’m all about the Aristocats’ music. Brigadoon, not so much. Which, I’m sure, says something about the maturity of my musical taste.

I will have to learn to love Brigadoon, however, because I’m going to be hearing it. A lot. The kids will be singing it and Sean’s conducting the orchestra again, which means he’ll be playing it on the piano tons.

Dang, I hope it grows on me because right now I do not love it.

I just searched for a picture of Roquefort the Mouse and got a lot of cheese pictures. Gotta say, with a name like, “Roquefort,” it already didn’t sound appetizing. The pictures aren’t helping.

Of course, now I’m thinking about cheeses that don’t look all gross, like Colby jack.

Great. Now I need a snack.