Friday, September 03, 2010

Back to School Friday

School's either started or will start for you next week, so here are a few school-related items:

Well, here's an interesting place to get your school supplies:

fail owned pwned pictures
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I remember this reaction - and yes, children, electricity had been invented when I was in high school:

funny graphs- Back in my day, we skipped school - and we liked it!
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School being back in session also means it's time for football.  Or, as Sean and his sister, Jill, say, it's marching band season.  Sean's pretty excited he gets to see MSU's band march tomorrow.  Apparently there will also be some football played on either side of their performance.  So here are a few for them.

First, the good:

The bad:

And the funny:

Have a great Labor Day weekend!