Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday again

This is for my husband, who has an excellent sense of humor.  And mad organ skills...:

My friend, Chesna, sent this to me after learning my political leanings.  Now that you've had your laugh, be advised the lecture is coming, my liberal, anti-business friend whom I love even though you're wrong...

Grover as The Old Spice Guy made the rounds this week, but just in case you missed it:

With apologies to our math tutor, Sherri, and my sister-in-law, Jill, who taught high school math.  They are, by the way, the only people I know who use/d Algebra regularly in their work**:

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**Yes, yes, I know lots of people use math in their daily lives.  This disclaimer is brought to you so Sean doesn't call me and tell me I'm feeding math lies to the children again.

I do not care one little bit that this is a glorified ad for Ohio State; I just love a flash mob and I adore the song so it's a win-win.  Thanks to Maegan for pointing it out:

Happy weekend, all!