Monday, November 29, 2010

How many loads of laundry can I do today?

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving week, a week we spent with family being thankful, eating, and, unfortunately, driving.  Holy dadgum cow, we spent 28 ½ hours in the car last week.  Our way down was our worst drive time ever.  Who knew we’d have an even longer drive on the way back?  Traffic was crazy.  

That time estimate failed to calculate the insane traffic...
I was reminded that both my dad and my husband are in the transportation field; I like my dad’s way better.  No offense, honey, but only spending two hours in a plane is preferable to 14 ½ in a car.  Yes, I know dealing with the airport can be a hassle, but I actually enjoy airports.  All you business fliers will be quick to say it’s because I don’t fly often, and I agree.  But I would rather drive 45 minutes to the airport, be there two hours early, fly for two hours, then drive 45 minutes home.  Because in the time it would take to do all that we would only be in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, with six hours left to drive.

At least my company’s pleasant.

Anyway, since I don’t have much for you today, here are some links to people who do:

My pastor, Kevin DeYoung, always has something funny on Mondays.

My college writing professor, Dr. Metts, is always worth the read.

I enjoy Wait, Wait panelist Kyrie O'Connor's take on things, even when I don't agree. 

Michael’s car blog is a good mix of information and humor.  And you never have to wonder what Michael thinks about the cars he’s reviewing!

Brad, a friend from church, has a new blog.  He's teaches high school English and I've enjoyed his take on everything from faith to football.

A friend from the blogosphere, Alyssa, has a funny post about Elvis Pretzely.  And now I’m hungry.

And I'm off to mounds of laundry and much cleaning.  Definitely out of vacation mode!