Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I've voted - have you?

Well, technically, I haven't voted yet since I'm writing this Monday night.  But you bet your patootie that I'll be at the polls on Tuesday, casting my vote, feeling like a citizen, helping to term-limit some folks who need to find a new way to make a living.

One of the tough aspects of moving to a state so far from home is not knowing the politics. When I was home last week for my grandmother's funeral I heard the news and recognized nearly everyone who's running for a major state office.  Not so up here in Michigan. I've had to research and dig and figure out who deserves my vote - oh, who am I kidding?  If they've got an (R) by their name that's who I'm voting for this time. But before you call me a partisan, please know the first time I ever cast a ballot I voted for Sam Nunn (D), for senator.  Of course, that's the only time I ever voted for a (D), so let's move along.

All that to say picking the governor/representatives/senators is relatively easy but the judges are something else.  Even if their name is followed by an (R) I think electing judges is more difficult, especially since now so many of them think they can legislate from the bench.  I've read up on the candidates, but needed to hear from folks who had background information to offer. That's why, when I heard several friends talking about two of the judges running for Michigan's Supreme Court, I listened.

I was already leaning toward Mary Beth Kelly and Robert Young, but after hearing such glowing remarks from friends I trust, I felt even more confident about voting for them.

Neither candidate knows I exist, so please don't think this is a paid endorsement (although I would definitely consider a paid writing gig any day of the week).  Both these candidates have stellar records of NOT legislating from the bench.  But beyond that they are quality people.  One of my friends knows Young personally and couldn't say enough good stuff about him.

So for my fellow Michiganders who may be new to the state's politics, or for anyone on the fence about the judges' race, I think Young and Kelly are the right judges for us.  Even this lower-case L libertarian is pleased with them.

Young had this picture on his Facebook profile - certainly a winner in my book.