Monday, November 01, 2010

Thank you, Monroe

Y’all, Monroe, Georgia knows how to honor the dead.

Following my grandmother’s funeral we got in the caravan line to drive to the cemetery.  And while I didn’t cry during the ceremony, I did during that drive.  Because people still stop to honor funeral processionals in that neck of the woods.  We drove through downtown Monroe and people stopped.  We crossed over Highway 78, and on a busy four-lane road people stopped.  Our caravan of at least 20 cars drove from one end of town to the other for a solid ten minutes, and not a single car passed us.  It was such a beautiful picture of respect of the life that had passed; I was moved to tears.

We had a police escort, and along the way there were also policemen signaling our arrival.

Kind-of hard to tell in the picture, but this Suburban pulled over and stopped.

Even on this busy stretch the cars on the other side of a divided highway stood still while we drove past.

So thank you, Monroe, for honoring Mama Mary.  If you were caught in the traffic I imagine you were patient, just like you were when Miss Mary taught you to wait in line during kindergarten.

A basket of flowers sent from her 1959 kindergarten class.  Amazing.