Wednesday, November 10, 2010


When we got married we did our best to combine the traditions we brought from our respective homes.  For instance, adults get stockings and a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve at my house, a tradition Sean was more than happy to adopt.  And on New Year’s Day, Sean’s mom serves pork and sauerkraut, which was a brand new taste experience for me. While I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing new ways to celebrate different holidays I was anxious to come up with some of our own traditions.  Which is how TTTFFN came into existence.

I don’t totally remember how it came about.  I know I was feeling that pull to have our own traditions.  It was December and Rebecca was almost two and I felt like all we were doing was recycling our families’ stuff.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s good stuff!  But I wanted something that was just ours.  So I decided we needed to have a weekly family night.  To inaugurate my idea, I planned a Christmas shopping trip for everyone to get new winter coats (and when I think about the coats we bought and considered “winter wear” I have to laugh because those coats would be “fall wear” for us now!).  Then we were going to pick out our Christmas tree.  The only problem was our schedule was booked.  Sean had Bible Study on Mondays, rehearsal at church on Thursdays.  I had Bible Study every other Tuesday night.  Michael and Amy had basketball practice Mondays and Wednesdays; Fridays and Saturdays were game days.  That left every other Tuesday as our only day off.  So I seized the day and we determined every other Tuesday night would be family night.

How we started calling it Totally Terrific Tuesday Family Fun Night I do not remember.  But the name, or at least the initials, stuck, and we’ve enjoyed TTTFFN for almost a decade now.

All that to say this: when we drove to McDonald’s for a TTTFFN sundae last night, we saw this:

I know we started TTTFFN at Christmastime, and one of our favorite December Tuesday night activities is looking at Christmas lights, but y’all, it was November 9.  Thanksgiving is more than two weeks away - I am sorry but it is to dang early for Christmas lights.

But, oh, it made me excited for our December TTTFFNs!