Monday, December 06, 2010

The Annual Variety Show

For the past several years, Sean’s mom has hosted a Talent Show for the family at our Thanksgiving celebration.  Sean’s family is beyond talented: everyone either sings or plays an instrument.  Sean’s dad and I are the odd men out; we don’t sing or play piano.  His dad, though, has graciously allowed my talent to be recording the show, which is fine by me because I would much rather be behind the camera than in front.

This year Sean’s mom changed the show from a Talent Show to a Variety Show, allowing for more variety in the offerings.  This decision caused me to think I could actually participate - a talent show requires talent; a variety show, not so much.  The kids and I recently watched the episode of the Cosby Show were the family lip-synchs to Ray Charles’, so I figured we could do something like that.

The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought we should really sing.  In my mind I’m a rock star.  I sing beautifully in my head; the problems come when I open my mouth.  But the show was no longer a talent show so figured I could slide in.  Besides I’d have Sean and the kids singing, too, and they have talent.

The decision to actually sing was solidified by two separate events: first, I bought Gladys Knight and the Pips’ Midnight Train to Georgia on iTunes.  And second, a friend from church told me she had a gold sequined dress from her show choir days.  And suddenly, in my mind, I had to sing that song in that dress.

My friend, Jackie, loaned me the dress, a sequined vest and two sequined shawls.  Sean reworked all the music so it would be more in my range and practiced patiently with me and the kids.  My sister helped us choreograph some moves for the Pips, which my dad renamed “The Sibs.”   Michael and Amy shopped for afro wigs, which they thought they’d found.  Unfortunately they turned out to be chest hair and mustaches.  Michael was disappointed he didn’t have a wig but loved his fake ‘stache. 

I pulled on the sequined dress, strapped on my favorite black heels, took a deep breath and we were ready:

Sean assured me I wasn’t making a fool of myself.  After seeing the video, I believe he was blinded by love.

Even so, I’m already thinking about what we’ll do next year.  There's got to be an Amy Grant song we could do...

And here's what it's supposed to sound like:

Love, love, love this song!