Monday, December 13, 2010

Bonnie, 1962 - 2010

My friend died Saturday.

The leukemia returned about six weeks ago.  I don’t know all the medical particulars, but Bonnie suffered greatly these last four weeks.  Her body rejected the stem cell transplant she received last year and last week her body just gave out.  She was 48.

Throughout her 18 month battle with cancer her husband kept a blog; he would write updates about Bonnie’s treatment, her blood counts, her reaction to the various drug therapies.  But more important than the medical updates were the updates on what they saw God doing in and through them during their ordeal.  Steve never failed to talk about how they were being sustained by God’s amazing grace.  And in his post announcing her passing, that didn’t change.

As he and the precious children were grieving the loss of Bonnie, Steve made certain any reader would know why they do not grieve without hope:

One thing Bonnie would want more than anything is to have you know that she is safely home with Christ and had a peace knowing that when this day came she would be with Him for eternity. The reason she was so sure is by the steps she took so many years ago of acknowledging to God that she was as sinner; born in a sinful state because of our fallen world; separated from a holy God because of her sin and unable to do anything in and of herself to satisfy a holy God’s wrath; knowing that it would take someone perfect to appease God’s wrath which Jesus did for her and by putting her faith in Christ, inviting Him into her life, she knew her sins were forgiven and she would spend eternity with Him. Anyone who comes to God confessing their sin, putting their faith and trust in Christ Jesus, inviting Him into their heart, loving Him, and living their life for Him will certainly have the same assurance Bonnie was confident with.


I will miss my friend.  I will miss our conversations about school and what classes our kids should take – she made me a better homeschooler!  I’ll miss seeing her at volleyball games.  I’ll miss seeing her at all the kids’ school activities.  I’ll miss her for Steve and the kids.  I’ll just plain miss her.

So many of you prayed for Bonnie and her family when I posted news about her transplant last year.  I hope you’ll continue to pray for Steve, Cassandra, Caleb and Callie now that they must face life without her. I am so thankful all four know they will see her again.