Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Laid Plans

So, I had this great post lined up for today, all about how I’m a relatively new Twitter user and had recently discovered Wheel of Fortune’s host, Pat Sajak’s tweets, which were hysterical.  I had a great video of Sajak talking about his tweeting, saying he’s only a talk show host and not a comedian  and how there’s so much pressure to be funny on-line but then realizes he's being filmed by none other than his arch nemesis Alex Trebek.  But this morning when I came to hit, “Publish,” the video was gone.  His tweets were gone.  His Twitter account:  vanished.  Even his website, which I’d spent entirely too much time reading over the weekend, is blank.  Only the header is left.

What the heck is going on?

I'm not the only one who noticed.  Several fellow Twitterers (Twits?) are asking the same questions:

Pat, I don’t know where you are or what happened but this is not funny.  Your video was a riot.  Your tweets were hysterical.  Your website was funny.  But having everything wiped from the face of the internet is not so humorous.  Because now, all I’m left with this incredibly unfunny post.

That is what I get for planning ahead.  Dang it.

I did find this video that shows some of his funny side.  Not as great as the video where he accused Alex Trebek of spying on him, but it still shows his ability to poke fun at himself:

Back to the drawing board...