Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sheet Metal Extravaganza!

When we got transferred up here, one of the saving graces for Sean and Michael was knowing we’d be able to attend the Detroit Auto Show.  And on Monday we logged our sixth visit to Cobo Hall where we took in all kinds of shiny sheet metal. 

One of the best parts of the show is it always falls on Sean’s birthday week.  So thinking of ways to celebrate the day of his birth (which was yesterday) is a no-brainer now. Michael's car buddy Jeff B. gave him four tickets which Michael graciously shared with us.  Of course, Jeff told him if he shared the tickets we had to buy lunch... I know whose side Jeff is on!  

Sean, Michael and Rebecca love the show. They spend hours walking around, looking at cars, comparing features and prices, sitting in cars, collecting brochures.  They love, love, love the show. Amy and I, well, we like the show, but not quite as much as our fellow family members.  Last year she and I started what will become a tradition for the car show: we drop Sean, Michael and Rebecca off at the front doors of the exhibit hall and we drive off in search of the latest fashions.  Or an Orange Julius and a Diet Coke.  But the point is we drive off.  And don’t drive back for three hours.  When we do, we park at the top of Cobo, take the elevator down to meet S, M, R who take us around to their favorite cars.  Which still takes two hours.

But the fact of the matter is I love seeing them get so excited.  Sean is like a little boy, tugging my arm, dying to show me this car or that feature.  Even though he works in a car factory he never tires of that new car smell.  Which was the undoing of our budget early in our marriage…

This year he was crazy about the new Chevy Sonic and Cruze and convertible Camaro.  I’d have really great pictures if I hadn’t left the camera sitting on the kitchen counter.  Thankfully I did have my iPhone, but the pictures are a bit fuzzy.  Bear with me:

Sean by the new Camaro convertible.  He said that's what he wanted for his birthday; bummer was I'd already gotten him sheet music for the organ.  Maybe next year.

This was a cool feature at the Camaro display - not sure what Michael was doing, but the girls got some serious air!

Rebecca loves the little Fiats.

This is a 1970 Fiat.  So stinkin' small!

Michael and Rebecca in my birthday wish, a Porsche 911.  It was only $130,000.  (I can't even type that number without gagging a little.)

Rebecca and Michael in a Jeep-sponsored picture.  

Several of the companies had interactive displays - Honda had this one where you can put your big ol' head in the new CRV.  (Hope I got that make right, Michael.)

Ferrari had a pretty yellow number.  Apparently they don't want you taking pictures without a "spokesmodel" next to the car.  She would not move!

I always get one mirror shot.  Love this!

Me in the new Honda Civic. I had to sell my 1989 Civic to marry Sean. 
See him in the back - he's making sure I don't like it too much.

And at the end of the day, Rebecca took 12,320 steps. That's a lot of walking!
But she's still smiling - I love that girl.

And as Michael said, only 364 days until next year's show!