Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Funnies

First, his friends are jerks!  They didn't even look concerned, much less stop!  Second, I can't even imagine how scabbed up his whole body must be:

Man, I have a hard enough time figuring out the discounts - pretty sure I'd call this half and be done:

epic fail photos - Oddly Specific: Let Me Get My Abacus
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Hey all my Atlanta friends - bet you have a whole new appreciation for all the snow shoveling I do now that you've lived through Snow Storm '11.  Hope this didn't happen to any of y'all during last week's ice and snow storm:

Which one are you?

funny graphs - U Smelly?
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I cannot believe this - the picture and the spelling:

FAILy nd Frens
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And on that note, have a great weekend!