Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The Set List

As I mentioned before, Kim B. is a member of MWS’ fan club and was able to get a copy of the set list for the 2 Friends Tour.  It changed over the weekend – originally Straight Ahead was on Amy Grant’s set but it’s been replaced with My Father’s Eyes.  I adore Straight Ahead so I’m bummed, but you can't go wrong with My Father’s Eyes.  It also seems the set list is in a state of flux, so who knows what we’ll hear Thursday, but for now, this is the plan, but not necessarily in this order:
  1. Stay for Awhile
  2. Everywhere I Go
  3. Find a Way
  4. Sing Your Praise to the Lord
  5. Saved by Love
  6. Baby, Baby
  7. My Father’s Eyes
  8. Better Than a Hallelujah
  9. Arms of Love
  10. What About the Love
  11. El Shaddai
  12. Jesus Loves Me/He'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love/Helping Hand
  13. Emmanuel
  14. Lead Me On
  15. Fight
  16. Thy Word
  17. Angels
  18. Faithless Heart
  19. How to Say Goodbye 
  20. For You
  21. Somewhere, Somehow
  22. Secret Ambition
  23. Place in This World
  24. Rocketown
  25. Let Me Show You the Way
  26. The Giving
  27. Open the Eyes of My Heart/Forever
  28. Save Me from Myself
  29. This is Your Time
  30. Welcome Home
  31. Above All
  32. Majesty
  33. Healing Rain
  34. Angus Dei
  35. Friends
  36. Love of Another Kind
All the AG songs are excellent choices.  I adore Love of Another Kind and am thrilled they’re doing it.  Friends I could do without but I guess he thinks he has to sing it. And I must admit, when I hear the first notes of Stay For Awhile I will cry. Ditto for Find a Way.  And Saved by Love.  And Emmanuel.  And Fight. And Arms of Love.  Note to Sean: bring tissues.

Looks like my 40th AG concert will be fabulous!

 1985, the year of the perm.  For boys and girls.