Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love You

Dear Sean,

You have been to more Amy Grant concerts with me than anyone else. You have put up with all my craziness before the shows and the crying after.  When I couldn’t get myself together to talk to her after the Chastain Park show, you’re the one who told her what I wanted to say.  You talked to her for me until I could regain my composure at the FOA meet-and-greet.  Even though you thought I was overreacting you never said so. 

I would like to promise you that I, your wife, a grown woman, will keep it together tonight.  I will try very, very hard. I want you to know in advance that I am going to give it my best. 

I thought by making light of my craziness this week that it would take the edge off.  And it was working. Until yesterday.  When Michael W. Smith commented on a picture of me and him.  Kim posted it on his Facebook wall and he actually commented on it.  As of this morning, 15 people have commented and 65 hit the Like button.

Honey, I know how FB works; the people who post comments see the ones that follow.  And since MWS was the first to post, I knew he’d see anything that came after.  And this is where my semblance of rationality went bye-bye: I posted that I was going to be at the show on Thursday. 

So of course, my mind went crazy: he’ll see the post, take my picture (our picture) to the concert, flash it on the big screen and ask, “Is this young lady in the house tonight?!”  We’ll go backstage, get to meet everyone and laugh about all the good ol’ days in concert-land.

This happened yesterday so I’ve only had 21 hours to obsess think about it.  Thankfully it didn’t happen any earlier or my mind would have blown out of my head thinking of all the possibilities.

Anyway, Sean, I just wanted to let you know that yes, I’m crazy on concert days.  And yes, I’m slightly irrational (thank goodness this isn’t next week or you’d be in a heapload of trouble).  But you went to several concerts with me before we got married so you knew what you were getting into.  And you married me anyway.

Just wanted to say thanks.

Love you,