Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still no sitting, but standing is better

I would like to apologize to anyone in my life who’s ever had back problems.  I am positive I wasn’t sympatric enough. I wasn’t kind enough.  I didn’t do enough for you.  Because I had no idea how bad back pain really was.  No. Idea.  Hoo, boy, I do now.

I thought the pulled back muscle I had last year was bad.  It was. But in light of the fact that yesterday I couldn’t stand straight, had what felt like a permanent lean to the right and couldn’t sit down for longer than five minutes, well, I’d go back to last year’s injury in a heartbeat.

Y’all, it was so bad I actually went to a chiropractor.  I’ve always been leery of chiropractors; I thought they were quacks at worst, and fake doctors at best.  But last year when I went to my MD for the pulled muscle, he only gave me some pills and sent me on my way.  I knew there weren’t enough pills in the world to ease the pain I was in yesterday (well, there are, but I was sure he wouldn’t give me enough!), so I took Keith’s advice and called a chiropractor. 

I was scared.  I didn’t want my neck cracked.  That just sounds bad, doesn’t it – crack your neck?  But the pain was worse than my fear, so I hobbled into the office, got on the table, and by the time I got off I could stand up straight.  I don’t really know what he did, and I did hear a lot of popping, but the end result was I could stand up. 

All the pain isn’t gone; my lower back still feels like it is being squeezed by a humongous vice, but I can still stand up straight and the lean is most gone.  I’m going back tomorrow, and twice more.  When he started talking about multiple visits, red flags went up, but he assured me he’s not in the business of seeing people weekly.  I’m not sure what a maintenance plan looks like, but for now, I’m thrilled to be feeling a bit better.  Still can’t sit, but I’ve worked out a little plan to help me work at my desk:

Long story short: Yay for Dr. Killian!  And The next time I hear anyone has back problems I will be much more empathetic and will bring dinner.