Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michigan's new teen driving law = stupid

Michael got a letter in the mail this week from the Secretary of State. It outlined the new law for new drivers which took effect Wednesday. The biggest change – Michael can no longer drive more than one non-immediate-family member without a parent/guardian/adult in the car. The exception is he can drive more than one friend if he’s driving them to or from school or school-related activities. 

That absolutely stinks to high heaven.  And stinks isn’t exactly the word I want to use, but I’m trying to keep this family-friendly.

Why in the world does anyone think this is a good idea?

Here’s what this law meant for my family last night: Sean had to drive Michael and Amy and their cousins to youth group and I had to pick them up. Because even though we have a 16 year old who is fully capable of driving his sister and cousins to youth group, something he has done in the past, now, because of this law, Sean or I have to do the driving.

Maybe we can say youth group is school – religious training.

But what about today? Michael and his cousins were hoping to go bowling. Now, I’ll have to drive them. And I if I don’t stay at the bowling alley (with two 16 year olds and a 14 year old who want some cousin time away from the mom/aunt, I certainly wasn’t planning on it), I’m going to have to use more gas, not to mention time because some busybodies in Lansing thought they were more capable than parents of deciding when and who their kids can drive around.

I am not pleased.

Thankfully, my representative voted against the bill. At least my rep has a brain.

I try not to get too political on my blog, but this boils my libertarian blood.  Why should the government decide something that should be left to parents? When are we going to have enough? When will we say, “No thank you. It’s my child and I should be making those decisions.”

And more importantly, why did we let this happen?  I realize on the second count I’m to blame; while I consider myself well-versed in political goings-on, I completely missed this.  

I’m already thinking of ways to work around this ridiculous law. You know we homeschoolers say everything’s a learning opportunity… I think I may just work each and every driving trip into some sort of lesson plan. At least then Michael can honestly say he’s on his way to school.