Monday, March 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

My brackets were doing so well, until this weekend. Now, I don’t care about the brackets and am in love with the Cinderella story that is VCU.

I love cheering for the underdog. Go VCU!

Does it matter I don’t have any idea what VCU stands for?

DO NOT TELL ME! I want to see how long I can go not knowing what school it is.

Michael just informed me Butler is also a bit of a Cinderella team, too.  So go Butler.

Ugh. How can there be two underdogs?  What if they both get to the final game? Who in the world will I cheer for then?  Probably VCU – they’re such an underdog I’ve never heard of them.

Dadgum. Michael just told me they both can’t get to the final because they’re playing each other.  

I cannot believe I’m spending this much time thinking about basketball.

My brother-in-law, David, is to blame for all this basketball nonsense.  So I don’t feel at all bad that his children are now obsessed with cars.

Well, not all cars. Just the cars Sean builds. Which is really sweet, don’t you think?

Sean’s sister and kiddos are on their way here right now!  Looking forward to spending the week with them, and celebrating my nephew’s 16th birthday. Man, it seems like just yesterday we were in the delivery room, AKA the Delta terminal at the Atlanta Airport, when Jill and Rodney walked down the jetway with their little boy and my first nephew.

Praise the Lord for adoption, both earthly and heavenly.

Dang – I’m about to have three teenaged boys in my house. I better start cooking.