Monday, April 18, 2011

Chilly Spring Break

I’ve never liked hot weather. I’m not a beach girl; I hate sand sticking to me and I hate sweat pouring down my face and we don’t even need to talk about my fear of swimming things that live in salt water.  But since moving to Michigan, every February or March I get the itch to head to the beach if, for nothing else, to not be cold.

But today, I do not find myself at the beach. I do not find myself warm. I find myself in Colorado where last night we got 5 – 7 inches of snow.

My parents, my sister and her family and my family are all here. My parents have talked about us all going to Colorado for at least ten years.  When my sister, Heather, and I were in school, Mom and Dad would bring us to Colorado to ski. And when Heather and I were in our last year of college, Mom lived here so she could get her Master’s degree, and ever since Colorado has held a special place in her heart. And she and Dad both have wanted to share it with their grandchildren for years.

We skied all day yesterday – Sean and the kids took a lesson while Heather, her husband, Dad and I hit the slopes. It’s amazing how quickly those skills come back. It’s also amazing how sore my legs were afterward…

We’re not at the beach or anywhere warm, but we are fulfilling a long-time dream for my parents, so that’s a good thing. And despite the cold, we all got sunburned yesterday, so we’ll go home looking like we were somewhere warm. Well, at least our cheeks were.