Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Injury Report

Did you know that Winter Park, Colorado is the home of the National Sports Center for the Disabled? Seems appropriate for the kind of week we’re having. Two kids have third-degree sunburn resulting in blisters on their cheeks. Another child injured a knee in a tumble and was transported down the mountain by Winter Park's Ski Patrol. And an adult broke her hand which will require surgery when she gets home. So 40% of our group is in some way injured or hurting. Not exactly the kind of trip we were planning…

Sean and Rebecca
On the upside, Rebecca and Amy have really enjoyed skiing. Both of them are anxious to hit the slopes again today.  Michael is anxious to be finished skiing today because this afternoon he and Sean are renting snowmobiles; Michael’s old enough to drive his own.  And Sean’s skiing is greatly improved since our last trip ski trip which was only his second time on skies. His first time skiing was in 1985 and he only got to go down the hill twice because the buddy he was with broke his leg on the second run of the day. He seems to have conquered his fear that he’d break something, which has freed him up to actually enjoy the adventure.

It’s been a joy for me to see my family appreciate the only sport I’m any good at.

Despite the injuries, we are enjoying the majesty of the views and the company of our extended family. I love seeing the cousins together. I hate that we live so far apart because these guys are really fun together and love each other to pieces.

One more day of skiing; hope we can do it without any more injuries or visits from ski patrol.

Here are a few pictures from our first day out - I forgot my real camera and had to rely on my iPhone. Not the greatest, but I'm glad to have a few pictures.

Ryan, Amy and me

David, Ryan, Heather and Amy

The cousins playing cards