Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Friday!

Hey, did y'all hear that Great Britain declared today a national holiday? That was awfully nice of them to make such a fuss over my birthday!

Okay, I'm not totally ignoring the wedding. I thought his commercial was pretty cute:

For all the Harry Potter fans - my kids think this is absolutely hysterical:

A little funny for Michael:

funny facebook fails - Best Judge Ever
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Is it wrong I laughed out loud and for quite a long time over this?

funny facebook fails - Deaf Swearing
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For my friend, Heidi, who likes to iron. Who knew Extreme Ironing was a sport?

For my sweet twin sister - happy birthday, Heather! Here's some Phil Collins for you.  Love you!

Well, if you got up for the wedding, I hope you get a nap! And happy weekend!