Monday, April 25, 2011

Say yes to rest!

I'd never been good at resolutions until last year when I resolved to better accessorize. That resolution has been a resounding success and one I’ve kept up for now 16 months.  I realize it’s not curing cancer, but we all have our roles to play, and playing them with a cocktail ring on your pointer is just a better way to go.

This year my resolution, “Just say no,” was a reaction to the overscheduling I’d done to myself. While all the activities I’d said yes to were ones I wanted to be a part of, I was simply over-extended. But there was light at the end of the tunnel of the over-commitment, and that light shone brightly on Friday. The play was over. The church function I helped with was over. The vacation was over. I have nothing else on my calendar except for the normal school and church stuff (and, of course, now soccer) and I suddenly feel like I can breathe without worrying that the time I spent exhaling was time I should have spent on the phone or sending an email or following up on something.

I mentioned my crazy schedule to a friend at our church dinner last week. I told her I couldn’t wait to clear my calendar and have time to sit and smell the roses (figuratively, of course, since I don’t garden – still saying no to dirt) and that my resolution was to just say no from now on. Megan* said, “Christy, you need to say yes to rest!”

At the time she said it I still had to pack for Colorado. So saying yes to rest just didn’t seem possible.  But now that I’m back and I don’t have any pressing responsibilities (other than the regular ones like having food in the house and cooking dinner – neither of which I’ve  done for weeks and am not looking forward to doing – but I digress…) I can actually think about resting. 

Or at the very least not saying yes to every opportunity that presents itself.

*Megan – I feel certain this will not be your last mention on here. I still have to discuss our TLC’s Sister Wives connection!