Monday, June 06, 2011

Monday Random Thoughts

First off, if you’ve wandered over here via Wally Metts’ blog, welcome! He said some awfully nice things about me, and I appreciate his words more than he knows. It’s lovely to find out you’ve made your professor proud, even if he hasn’t been you professor in, well, a long, long time.

Our associate pastor preached about Elijah yesterday. And he and another member sang from Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah. Hearing the Word sung brought the story to life for me in a new way. How blessed we are to have not one, but two pastors who preach up a storm and sing like angels.
That never happened
when the kids played

The soccer tournament was last weekend. It was hotter than blazes and I got burned. So burned. Yes, Mom, I remembered to wear sunscreen, but the 55 SPF was no match against the scorching sun. My skin hasn’t seen the the big orange ball in the sky in a months; it was just too much.

As for the actual games – not fun. In order to field the tournament, they played Amy’s JV team against varsity teams. It was a bloodbath. No good for either side.

Telling the girls this is good practice does not make it any better in my book. If they wanted more practice, how about scheduling more practice?

Amy had a much better attitude than her mother.

There is nothing like watching my children play sports to show my desperate need for sanctification.

I am definitely going back to my, “Indoor Sports Only” policy. I never got sunburned watching volleyball.

Today is my Aunt Corby's birthday - happy birthday! I love you!

Sean and I saw X-Men First Class this weekend. I quite enjoyed it, much to my surprise. I didn’t know anything about the X-Men franchise – I haven’t seen any of the other movies – but since it was a prequel to the others it all made sense. Now I think I’d like to watch the other X-Men movies, which makes Sean happy.

January Jones, of Mad Men fame, was in it. I saw enough of her undergarments to last me a dadgum lifetime.

I had no idea Kevin Bacon was in it. Everything’s better with Bacon!

Speaking of the candy of meat, our home ec. lessons begin today. I bet Sean’s wondering what’s for dinner. Since I’m letting the kids plan it themselves, I am too.

Hope I can steer them to something involving bacon.