Monday, September 12, 2011

Barrettes and pins and clips, oh my!

Oh, y’all. I was trying to come up with something, anything, to put here today. But I am coming up with nothing. I blame the fact that I’m growing my hair out. I cannot think with hair in my face.

Back in May, I told my hair stylist I wanted to grow out my hair. She said, “You’ve been saying that for three years. This time, I’m holding you to it.” And she hasn’t been willing to cut it since. Oh, she’s willing to color it (thank goodness!) but each time I go she says, “Give it one more month.” She is turning down money in order to help me reach my stupid goal of having long hair.

How the heck many times am I going to ride this hair roller coaster? Sort-of long, short, sort-of long, short. To infinity and beyond?

Yes, I’m aware I can use head bands and bobby pins and clips and rubber bands and, when really desperate, pens and pencils to keep it up, but in the perfect image I’ve imagined I want it down and long. Except I can’t think when it’s actually down and long and in my dadgum face.

If this is my biggest problem today, I am truly blessed.

Off to find a clipper…

(HT: Mel)