Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Just call me (my) Mom

Yesterday was the first day of Michael's senior year.

You can't possibly know this, but I paused for a moment to let that sink in. Stopped typing and everything. And this was after I had all day Tuesday to get used to the idea.

I made waffles for breakfast and insisted on first-morning-of-school pictures. And then Michael and Amy drove off. Were there tears? Maybe one. Or two. 

I swear I am turning into my mother.

Here's to a great last year of high school for my first born!

Waffles with a side of Country Crock. I never realized how huge that tub is...

It was a little chilly, but Amy refused to wear a coat or sweater. 
She's not ready to admit winter is coming.

Rebecca saying goodbye - she starts classes on Thursday.

Pretty sure he wasn't this tall when I dropped him off for first grade.

And they're off in Amy's Firebird. (The poor Fiero is still not running.)